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meet our 2017 youth of the year...

Anzania N., 2017 Young Woman of the Year
"Often, leaders are known to be adults or older people, but there is no reason why teens and young children can't be leaders as well. A teen that develops their identity will easily influence their peers. One way to accomplish this is to allow kids and teens to plan activities and put their ideas and dreams into action." Anzania is described as a determined young woman who thrives at leadership and serves as an excellent role model. She enjoys basketball, dancing and practicing her Christian faith. She has been a member of the Club for the past three years and joined because she wanted new experiences. As a member of the planning committee for Diplomas2Degrees, she brought college experiences to her peers and became committed to her post-secondary education. She will graduate in June from Manchester West High School and would like to become a pastry chef with the hope of one day owning her own bakery.

Christopher C., 2017 Young Man of the Year
"I would love to influence the youth of America through empowerment in what you believe in and speaking out when something is not right. The Club has helped me through some major struggles in my life and I want to help kids who are just like me." Chris has been a member of the Club for 10 years and is described as having a "heart bigger than he is." He is always concerned about the welfare of those around him, probably because of the personal struggles he has had to endure including domestic violence and being bullied. Through his involvement with the Club, and his passion for boxing, he strives to lead a healthier lifestyle and continues to achieve personal growth and confidence. Chris will graduate in June from Manchester School of Technology and works as an area supervisor at the Club, serving as a leader and mentor to our younger members.

Anzania and Chris were awarded the Youth of the Year honor at our Annual Awards Night Dinner in early June that recognized nearly 50 Boys & Girls Club members for their outstanding achievement this past program year. We look forward to another GREAT year in 2017-2018.
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