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meet our 2016 youth of the year...

"I feel safe and confident when I am at the Club because I can be myself and I don't have to act like somebody I'm not."That is how Kristy, our Young Woman of the Year, feels about her Boys & Girls Club. In addition to the many programs she is involved in here at the Union Street Clubhouse, Kristy is a member of her school's orchestra and track team. She enjoys singing, playing musical instruments and creating art, and the Club has given her access to enhance her creative and leadership qualities.

"My vision for America's youth is for people to realize the value of rolling up your sleeves and putting in good, honest work." Justin, our 2016 Young Man of the Year, values education and works hard to obtain and maintain good grades in school. Justin is an athlete at school and a leader in our community, volunteering for many events in service to others.

Kristy and Justin were awarded the Youth of the Year honor at our Annual Awards Night Dinner in early June that recognized nearly 50 Boys & Girls Club members for their outstanding achievement this past program year. We look forward to another GREAT year in 2016-2017.
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